Taking data as the service object, Datum provides privacy-preserving capabilities, and realizes high-performance Web 3 services for the issuance of data NFTs. With a variety of service APIs and SDKs available, users can choose related services as needed for data transmission, storage and hosting, data NFT issuance, data tokenization, data transaction, trusted sharing, query & analysis among multi-parties, etc., while enjoying comprehensive privacy protection in data applications enabled by the integrated privacy-enhancing technology. Datum offers a channel through which users can easily transmit data to the Web 3 ecosystem.

Service capabilities

Datum offers five major service capabilities corresponding to every link of data flow:

  • Secure data transmission to blockchain: Datum provides decentralized data storage, e.g. IPFS and Arweave, with APIs and SDKs, and transmits data through cloud storage media such as AWS, Azure, and GCP to the Web 3 ecosystem as part of underlying services for subsequent data NFT applications.
  • Data tokenization: Datum provides data NFT issuance services with APIs and SDKs, supports a variety of NFT contract templates, and allows applications to quickly publish, view and set attributes as needed.
  • Reliable Data Transaction: Datum provides data NFT transactions, authorized access, access authentication, use and download, and data consistency verification services in the form of APIs and SDKs.
  • Data oracle: In the form of APIs and SDKs, Datum allows developers to transmit off-chain data to on-chain contracts for calling in Web 3, based on the existing data services and models in Web 2, and offers users various service components to quickly gain off-chain data to be used by on-chain dApps through data oracle.
  • Secure data computation: Datum provides query & analysis between two parties and among multi-parties with APIs and SDKs. Based on privacy-enhancing technologies including Private Set Intersection (PSI), Secure Multi-party Computation (MPC), and Homomorphic Encryption (HE), it provides data privacy matching, privacy query, privacy stat & analysis, and privacy-preserving AI capabilities.